This is the last episode to close out the year of 2015. Which I call, "The Year of The Black Mamba." This year has been full of surprises; several athletes claiming that they will retire at the seasons' end. Most notably, Kobe Bryant himself. Providing 20 years of memories there are plenty of highlights to reminisce about, and plenty of accolades to digest. What's your favorite memory of The Mamba!?!

Also, we'll be talking about basketball players who shouldn't have sneaker deals, along with the atrocity that is the NFC East. As well, does Cam Newton deserves MVP and will Golden State surpass the record of the 95-96 Chicago Bulls?


Does Cam Newton deserves MVP? (

What's up with the NFC East? (


We known for awhile now, but he has confirmed it. Farewell Kobe!!! (

Can Da Dubs surpass 95-96 Bulls' 72-10 record? Let's see what the metrics say!!! (

WTF, Players with their own signature shoe!!! What are they thinking? (