On this episode we talk about why Nintendo games seldom goes on sale, Olivia Munn calls outs her cast mate, and Captain Marvel 1st look photos are out to the world. All this and more on the Pondering Nerdcast.

Show Notes

Breach The Castle


  • ‘The Predator’ actress Olivia Munn outed her castmate as a registered sex offender. His scene was cut. (https://wapo.st/2NXvsg7)

  • Movie Reviewers Lack Inclusion of Women and Minorities, New Study Finds. (http://bit.ly/2wTwD95)

Gifted Gadgets / Anime Recommendation

Music and Comic Corner

Captain Marvel first look photos show off MCU's female superhero, young Nick Fury. (https://cnet.co/2NXNTBc)