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“Make a thing!” - Meke spoke with Boston-born Tana Ford, a Creative extraordinaire: Comic book illustrator and writer, sculptor, poetry lover. Being queer, a nerd, and a Pondering Nerd has its perks, and one of them is finding out about talents like her!

Tana Ford created the award winning Duck! digital graphic novel series, That Time I Turned 30 in Greece, and 26.2: A history of the Boston Marathon. She is also an illustrator for a number of Marvel’s Silk issues.

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Tana Ford

Write to Tana Ford, marvel at all of her Marvel work, tweet and follow Tana for more info (you can do the same on her Facebook page too!), visit her FlameCon profile page, and last but not least... Tana Ford also has a podcast: Westeros Wheneverly! If you ever get to email Tana make sure to let them know the Pondering Nerdcast says what's up.