Listen in as we talk about changes the upcoming v2.00 update (codenamed Masamune) is introducing to PS4 on October 28th, 2014.

The most recent PS4 update is a HUGE update and the things inside could potentially change gaming as we know it. Share Play is the biggest feature... with this update you will be able to play local-only co-op games with a friend as if you were sitting on the couch right next to them.. that means games that weren't necessarily meant for or weren't given online modes will now be able to be played by your internet buddies... and they don't have to own any of the other titles!

The update does also included a handful of other system stuff we have been waiting for to like being able to customize the PS4 home screen, playing music while you play, adding an “Add to Library” button to add for example the monthly offered free games, and other such stuffs. It’s gonna be great!





-E3 conference coverage on the PS4

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