Hey guys we’re back for another episode of Let’s Be Real Sportscast. On this episode, we’re talking about the outcome of each of the conference championship games, and a non-call that may change the landscape of the NFL as we know it. We also take a look at the starters for the 2019 NBA All-Star game and see if there were any snubs from the starting roster spot. The reserves haven’t been announced as of yet, but who do you think will make the roster? All this on another episode. GET READY!!!

Show Notes

Clip of No Call Pass Interference play (https://bit.ly/2COKDEd)

Stats from AFC Championship game (https://bit.ly/2FY2ATX)

Stats from NFC Championship game (https://bit.ly/2DAFfWE)

Who will the All-Star reserves be? (https://bit.ly/2CGRRK4)/(https://bit.ly/2sO3iLx