On this episode we look at D'Angelo Russell's cardinal sin in the game of basketball and probably of life. We look to see if Russell will come back from this or if the trust is truly broken for good? We also examine the quotes from King James on playing with his best friends, and trying to create yet another super team.

The playoffs are just around the corner, and with that being said, their are some interesting first round matchups. We talk about which teams are likely to make the cut and if their will be any major upsets during the first round?

It's episode 10 people. So come on take a listen and vibe with the crew on LBRS.


The rundown of the D.Russ and Nick Young debacle. (http://bit.ly/1Q367tL)

Fans showing support of D.Russ at a Chevrolet event. (http://es.pn/1WnBOW2

Does LeBron really want another Super Team, or is it just wishful thinking? (http://es.pn/1qK1kcn)

The playoffs are here!!! Let the games begin!!! (http://on.nba.com/1Q37etn)

Can the Dubs go 73-9 or will they just tie the Bulls record of 72? (http://foxs.pt/1VNpIF4)