On this episode, we take a look at the recent trades that took place at the trade deadline! We discuss if any of these moves can help a team dethrone the Golden State Warriors!?

Then we look at the best players by position in the NBA from the guys point of view.

Also, the big debate about Steph Curry vs the Big O. Joe and Sherm discuss this hot topic issue and it gets heated. Find out what was said and more on this episode of LBRS.



NBA trade deadline winners and losers? (http://on.si.com/1S8m2gg)

Current Top 5 players at each position. (http://ble.ac/1LV8ZIE)

Where will Durant be next season? (http://ble.ac/1oYLMQY)

Joe Johnson waived by the Nets, now a member of the Heat (http://es.pn/1pnMpn9)

Big O and Steph Curry debate (http://ble.ac/1QrTiOr)