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Colorado: Denver and Beyond Part I - Corners and Points


Colorado: Denver and Beyond Part I - Corners and Points

Join Wandering Blerds as we travel to the Great Divide and explore the C³, Cool Colorful Colorado. We plumb the depths of Pagosa Springs wading through it’s healing waters to discover this sulfur-rich “Mother Spring” of the nomadic Ute people. Stretch out over 4 corners and find out why this state is so square. We’ll wind our way up the Trail of Ancients National Scenic Byway to the zenith of the state, Denver, the Mile High City. 

Daphne Rice - Allen, Chair of the Black American West Museum & Heritage Center, gives Wandering Blerds valuable insight into the origins of historic Five Points in East Denver. Nicknamed “The Harlem of the West”, Five Points was the physical and spiritual home to several communities of color. From 1899 - 1970, Five Points was the focal point of civic and professional life for Black Denverites. The vanguard of African American performers, intelligentsia and entrepreneurs came to or passed through this historic Denver neighborhood.

Rossonian Hotel, date unknown. Courtesy of Denver Public Library, Western History Department, Clarence F. Holmes Collection

Rossonian Hotel, date unknown. Courtesy of Denver Public Library, Western History Department, Clarence F. Holmes Collection

Madame C.J. Walker, Courtesy of the Library of Congress

Dr. Justina Ford, Public Domain Photo

Ready to plan your trip to the Mile-High City yet? Before you get in your wagon and go to Colorado check out these links:

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Don’t forget your Fry Bread

Wander by the house where the state flag was designed (Please don’t knock on the door and ask to go inside real live people live in there. Visit this link instead for a virtual tour.)

Check In - With Dr. Justina Ford

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Flame Con 2017


Flame Con 2017

On this episode we wandered into Flame Con, a pretty Blerd-friendly place. We were all up and through that joint!


African American Day Parade


African American Day Parade

From Harlem, with love

Welcome to the first episode of Wandering Blerds. We are Black nerds ‘Blerds’ wandering around the country and the world to give you a nerd friendly view of places and events.  Join your hosts, Meke B. and Meki T. as they boldly go into the unknown to discover the highlights and hidden histories of each destination they visit.

Our journey begins with the African American Parade in Harlem, New York.  The African American Day Parade a 48 year Harlem tradition. It is ostensibly the largest African American heritage parade in the United States with 200 participating groups, bands and organizations and up to 900,000 parade attendees.

In this episode we talk to 2017 African American Parade Grand Marshal holistic health practitioner and educator, Queen Afua, about this year’s theme “Salute to Better Health” and the No SoHa movement.  We delve into the history of theinterview parade participants to discover why they march. We discuss the parade’s celebrated Baltimore Marching Band Units and plunder the mysteries of New York Nutcracker.

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Nutcracker Recipes

NYC Nutcracker

2 cans of cold pineapple juice (96 ounces or 2.72 liters)

1 bottle of Bacardi 151 (33.8 ounces or one liter)

12 ounces (355 ml) grenadine

Amaretto (to taste)

Triple sec (to taste)

Lime juice (to taste)

Fruit Punch Nutcracker

1 ounce (30 ml) Grey Goose vodka

2 ounces (59 ml) Bacardi Grand Melon

1/2 ounce (15 ml) moonshine

1/2 ounce (15 ml) peach schnapps

1 splash apple pucker (sour apple schnapps or liqueur

Cranberry juice (to taste)