The second installment of our foray into Cool Colorful Colorado, Wandering Blerds pack a mountain of facts into this mega-episode.  Meki wandered back to the Mile High City between episodes to bring you more sights, history, and mysteries of the Centennial State. Discover how Denver went from The City too Dead to Bury to the Queen City of the Plains home to over a dozen national and international companies.  Meet the pioneers and progressives who blazed physical, philanthropic and philosophical trails to make Colorado a great place to live and exciting vacation destination.    

We introduce you to the first two Black Coloradans “Angel of the Rockies”, Clara Brown and James P. Beckwourth. Dig into the Issei and Nisei roots of Japanese Coloradan sugar beet farmers of the San Luis Valley. Find out why Denver was a “Mecca” for Japanese Americans during WWII.  Plumb the depths of the Capitol building to discover the connection between Pancho Villa and the Colorado Historical Society  Join us for a conversation with Colorado Women’s Hall of Famer, Cleo Parker Robinson, Founder and Artistic Director of Cleo Parker Robinson Dance. Monument maker, Ed Dwight, shares what brought him to Colorado; how he came to illustrate the history of Black Coloradans in statuary; and his roots as a NASA astronaut.

Here’s a short list of resource links from the episode to explore before you get in your wagon and go to Colorado :

Simply Pure - Colorado’s first dispensary owned by a Black woman.

Beckwourth Doer’s Club - Former James P. Beckwourth Mountain Club

Byers-Evans House - Center for Colorado Women’s History

Special thanks to our Hero Producer, Lance “Solo” John and Editor Extraordinaire, Cheyenne Finch.

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