Marvel Rising out here doing great things for diversity, Dark Phoenix and Venom out here just underperforming in more ways than one, and American Horror Story fan has an interesting theory about the X-Men. All this and more on this episode of The Defended Podcast.

Show Notes

Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors tackles diversity without breaking a sweat. (

Marvel Rising universe gets bigger. (

Critics slam Venom as 'fantastically boring' and 'aggressively loud and stupid'. (

Marvel's Scarlet Witch TV Series Is the Perfect Chance to Explore Her Fascinating Inner Life. (

Test Screening Reaction Says It's Underwhelming And Not Good. (

Dark Phoenix delayed, new Deadpool movie coming in December. (

'Spider-Man: Far From Home' Video Reveals Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio. (

'X-Men' Fans Question Why Storm is Holding an Umbrella in 'Dark Phoenix' Trailer. (

Lady Gaga Fans Accused of Writing Fake ‘Venom’ Reviews to Support ‘A Star Is Born’. (

New Marvel Theory May Connect Black Panther And Captain America. (

'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' Fans Have an Interesting Theory about That X-Men Easter Egg. (

MARVEL Opens Its House of Ideas at NEW YORK COMIC CON. (

Marvel Almost Introduced Thor and Storm's Daughter. (

‘Marvel’s Runaways’ Trailer: It’s Teens Vs. Parents In Season 2 Of Hulu’s Comic Book Series. (


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