With the Disney/Fox merger complete what does this mean for the next phase of the MCU and the Mutants? Let’s talk about it on this epsidoe of The Defended Podcast.

Show Notes

Florence Pugh set to join Scarlett Johansson in Marvel's 'Black Widow' spin-off movie. (https://yhoo.it/2HzLYn1)

Marvel Really Needs to Treat Sam Wilson as the Important Character and Hero He Is. (http://bit.ly/2HyJoxt)

Does 'Captain Marvel' Bring Us Closer To A Ms. Marvel Movie? (http://bit.ly/2Hz0fjL)

Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4: Every film announced so far and when the X-Men and Fantastic Four could join the MCU. (https://ind.pn/2HyGitu)

X-Men Franchise Poised for Shake-Up as Fox’s Marvel Heroes Migrate to Disney. (http://bit.ly/2HAN7Lb)

'Shazam!' star Zachary Levi: Why I stood up for 'Captain Marvel' against online trolls. (https://yhoo.it/2Hz0lYF)

How 'Captain Marvel' Erases Monica Rambeau. (http://bit.ly/2HzNGom)

When Marvel Starts Selling Off Props, It's Time to Really Say Goodbye to Those Netflix Shows. (http://bit.ly/2HD1aQi)

Marvel Boss 'Heartbroken' About Black Panther's Oscar Loss. (http://bit.ly/2HyIRMe)