On this episode we talk about Spider-man: Into the Spider Verse, Doctor Strange stops a mugger and Kevin Feige promises more female directors working on marvel movies. All this and more on the Defended Podcast.

Show Notes
'Captain Marvel' Wraps Filming Soon. (http://bit.ly/2M7EU01)

Kevin Feige Promises More Female Directors on Marvel Movies. (http://bit.ly/2sJEFAa)

Do upcoming Marvel/TV shows take place before or after Infinity War: (http://bit.ly/2JG9qfQ)

SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE - Official Trailer (HD). (http://bit.ly/2sJWjUi)

BREAKING: First AVENGERS 4 Promo Art LEAKS Online And It Features A New Team, New Costumes, And Captain Marvel. (http://bit.ly/2sJWlvo)

Misty and Colleen. (http://bit.ly/2Mfa99d)

‘Doctor Strange’ Star Benedict Cumberbatch Attacks Muggers In London. (https://cbsloc.al/2sPMpkj)

Jeph Loeb Teases ‘Iron Fist’ Costume in Season 2, More Inhumans in Other Marvel Shows. (http://bit.ly/2Mdoi6U)

YouTuber has seen Infinity War 44x and counting (http://bit.ly/2t4eQtM)  

How Marvel's TV Shows Are Working Around The End Of Avengers: Infinity War. (http://bit.ly/2sIwOmm)

'Avengers: Infinity War': Benedict Cumberbatch on If He Will Return as Doctor Strange. (http://bit.ly/2sLoQZH)

Marvel's Kevin Feige on Awards Season: "It Doesn’t Mean Everything". (http://bit.ly/2sLpfvb)

Kevin Feige On Marvel Studios Getting X-Men Rights. (http://bit.ly/2MdoXoU)



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