YIBAMBE!, YIBAMBE!, YIBAMBE!, now that’s a trailer. Who’s gonna die who’s gonna make it? As Infinity war fast approaches to smack everyone in the face, more salty articles comes with ridiculous comparisons to video games and goal posts moving. All this and more on this episode of the Defended Podcast.

Show Notes

Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War -- Chant TV Spot. (http://bit.ly/2GTMYyh)

'Black Panther' Moves Past 'Titanic' And Is Now The No. 3 Highest-Grossing Film Of All-Time In The U.S. (http://bit.ly/2GUAw1a)

'Far Cry 5' Launch Sales Top Black Panther's Week One Domestic Box Office. (http://bit.ly/2GWLFys)

We’re awash in box-office statistics. But what do the numbers really mean? (https://wapo.st/2GU8hj8)

Chris Claremont Thinks Black Panther's Marriage to Storm Was a Bad Idea, and He's Right. (http://bit.ly/2GRw83a)

Marvel's 'Avengers' TV Spot Sells 'Infinity War' As 'Black Panther 2'. (http://bit.ly/2GRGqjD)

Zoe Saldana Slams Hollywood “Elitists” Who Look Down on Marvel Movies. (http://bit.ly/2GQvl2j)

Marvel Studios, Brie Larson Mourn Late Pilot Who Consulted for ‘Captain Marvel’. (http://bit.ly/2GVXJ3f)

Avengers: Infinity War stars thank Marvel fans for '10 years of fandom'. (http://bit.ly/2GU58jE)

Avengers: Infinity War Directors Want a Secret Wars Movie. (http://bit.ly/2GVXOnz)

Marvel Studios Releases Never-Before-Seen Photos from Phase One. (http://bit.ly/2GTNiwZ)