What’s happening with the Gambit movie? Are we broken up over the cancellation of Inhumans?... And what clues does Captain America suit tell us about Avengers 4. All this and more on the Defened Podcast.

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Show Notes

Channing Tatum's cursed Gambit movie loses yet another director. (http://bit.ly/2FJcWVe)

Tom Holland's Spider-Man Will Reportedly Be in 'Venom' Movie. (http://bit.ly/2FHTEPZ)

Marvel's 'Inhumans' Appears To Have Been Cancelled By ABC. (http://bit.ly/2G1sUdv)

First 'Captain Marvel' Set Photos Reveal Nick Fury and Maria Hill. (http://bit.ly/2G28VLG)

Chris Evans' Captain America Suit Could Provide Clue to 'Avengers 4' Story Line. (http://bit.ly/2G0Y1Wv)

A ‘Cloak & Dagger’ Sneak Peek Finally Gives Fans A Glimpse Of The Heroes’ Powers. (http://uproxx.it/2G0ZxYH)

Sony Pictures Chief: Studio Needs to Grow or ‘We’ll Be Somebody’s Purchase’. (http://bit.ly/2G27PPP)