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Pondering Nerdcast Interview - Jo Robo


Pondering Nerdcast Interview - Jo Robo




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A nerdy, energetic artist-turned-game developer based in California, Jo Robo loves robots and she’s not alone. Because she loves so many things us fellow nerds love, it’s really easy to relate to her games; whether you’re a FlameCon exhibiting, cute, date-seeking, queer poly lover or not!

Jo Robo has fans all over who are as happy as I am that her work exists. There’s fantastic visuals, funny writing, and easy to navigate mechanics. And Jo Robo’s just getting started. Visit her game pages and play all of her games. You will enjoy it.

Stay tuned for our next interview with Jo Robo: “Sex(uality): NEVER the Final Frontier in Video Games!”

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Jo Robo

Visit Jo Robo's personal website and profile page at Jo also has an Instagram and Twitter account to find out more information about the (wo)man, the myth, the legend. If you're curious about Project Tea! you're in luck because I have the official link for you!