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Pondering Nerdcast Interview - Brian Olsen, Author and Screenwriter


Pondering Nerdcast Interview - Brian Olsen, Author and Screenwriter




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Listen in to our latest interview with FlameCon exhibitor, screenwriter and author of both The Future Next Door and Multiverse Mashup series, Brian Olsen. The genre of choice for his novels is Urban Sci-Fi, where Olsen excels in great storytelling and creating characters that are as genuine as possible.

Brian Olsen is based out of New York City but he is originally from Boston. He comes from a large family and credits this as a source of his amazing sense of humor.

Later in the game he realized his talent for prose and an opportune time presented him with the chance to work on his first book: Alan Lennox and the Temp Job of Doom. The rest is history; No scratch that, the rest is our PRESENT entertainment.

Enjoy the novels of Brian Olsen and let us know what you think!

Find Brian Olsen's works at his website @BrianOlsenBooks is the handle for all of his social media outlets.

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Brian Olsen

The author's Facebook Page, his Amazon store, where you can find him on Twitter, and here you can also find a great write-up on tabling at cons for exhibitors and their supporters!