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Pondering Nerdcast Episode 36: Cultured Meatball


Pondering Nerdcast Episode 36: Cultured Meatball

The Pondering Nerds crew sit down to talk about what we are looking forward to for 2016 and what we’ve been doing to keep our nerd cred up, along with cultured meatballs and training hawks to hunt drones. All this and more on the Pondering Nerdcast.

Show Notes


Biz Partners Stole Money for Booze and Strippers, Dev Says as Game Canceled. (


This Biotech Startup Promises Lab-Grown Pork Within Five Years. (


Future of Food - The World's First Cultured Meatball. (



Hawks are being trained to catch drones. (



YouTube's first original programming will arrive on February 10th. (



Following Backlash, Popular YouTubers Drop "React" Trademark and Cancel Project. (

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