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Pondering Nerdcast Episode 29: Fall Out Bugs


Pondering Nerdcast Episode 29: Fall Out Bugs

On this episode: we talk about Cloud from FF7 joining the Smash Brothers lineup, our personal Fallout 4 impressions, and how some people take Pokemon way to seriously. All this and more on today's Pondering Nerdcast.

Show Notes


Apple Music is now available on Android. ( (PSA)

T-Mobile Stops Counting Netflix, HBO, Hulu, And Other Video Streams Against Your Data Usage. (

25-year-old gamer geting metal gear solid V inspired arm and leg prosthetic. (


Men Arrested for Alleged Threats Against Pokemon Event Plead Not Guilty to Gun Charges. (

Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII is coming to Smash Bros! (

Fallout 4: a tour of the buggy, janky mess — and why I don’t want Bethesda to ‘fix’ it. (