On this nerdcast we talk about Bloodborne, Australians making carbon-fiber  gladiator suits, Toe Jam and Earl Kickstarter and the exclusive interview with Greg Johnson the creator, and student make a real life batman suits. All this and more on our 1st episode of the Pondering Nerdcast a Gaming Rebellion production.

Show Notes

Bloodborne HYPE! - Our thoughts/feelings towards this release.

Bloodborne's Darkbeast Boss Gameplay - IGN First. (http://bit.ly/1BOvgEE)

Bloodborne's Horrifying Monsters and Mini-Bosses - IGN First. (http://bit.ly/1BOvhIH)

Bloodborne's Devastating Weapons in Action - IGN First. (http://bit.ly/1BOvkV2)

From Software. (http://bit.ly/1BOvnQy)

Leave it to the Australians to resurrect Gladiator Duels with Carbon-Fiber Suits. (http://bit.ly/1Gv9AyO)

Philadelphia University student makes protective Batsuit. (http://usat.ly/1Gva1Jz)

Leonard Nimoy’s death: Favorite films and roles. (http://imdb.to/1BOw8Jx)