MusicBae talks with the band the Gentlemen of Leisure (GoL)

“It’s Fun to Dream”


In the words of Galahad Senior, Manners Maketh Man. Yes?

I found it funnisad that the manners and professionalism GoL holds dear are pretty much missing from mainstream music. Even though there's much wealth shown in the expensive clothing, cars, houses, trips, and other showings of wealth, there's a gaudiness that takes away from any depth that person may have. GoL has no focus in that way at all. Even in the first performance on the Goodman show when they were wearing everyday clothing, they still held themselves with an air of respect. And through that showed the seriousness of their craft to the collective as individuals and as a whole. And they're JUST getting started!

Best line I've heard in a while: "These hands right here, rated E for Everybody!". Don't had me cracking up... And a little afraid. I can see myself smoking it up to this and when the lyrics seep in coughing in shock. You just don't expect it. But that's what's cool about the sophisticated persona of the band coupled with raw honesty. It's a dichotomy I hope they take further. We need to have our heads messed with more.

GoL's current Website is (though a new one is in development)

GoL's Facebook site is

GoL's Instagram is @LeisureGents

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GoL's Current album: Great and Powerful. Cop dat!

And can’t forget Agents of the Circle at  

Individual Gentlemen

Sphinx: (on instagram and twitter) @SphinxAkashaa

Chris: (on instagram and twitter) @Butcher504

Pope James: (on instagram and twitter) @circl360

Gentlemen of Leisure, based out of Seattle/Tacoma

Sphinx Akashaa Duncan, vocals & guitar

Chris Blount, vocals

Jennifer Hasson, cello

Brendan Hardy, drummer

Skylar Jones, keyboard


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