MusicBae talks with singer JC Brooks of the JC Brooks Band


JC Brooks is a singer that lives and breathes his craft. From he was young boy taking out music cds from public libraries in New Jersey, to touring and learning all over the world, he's accumulated an eclectic range of influences. It's almost as if he unknowingly strives to hit at least one genre for every letter of the alphabet: Funk, punk, soul, rock, ballads, country...

Sometimes I even get real Terrence Trent D'Arby vibes when seeing him on stage. Fleeting but it's there. And dat falsetto tho...

Occasional cute puppets, dancing ladies, and a smooth, suave, swaggering tower of a man are all the visuals you could need for JC Brooks music videos and other performance footage. But the future is yet to come.

Interview notes

Remember when we mentioned Ben Folds making up a song on the spot... With a full orchestra... About a random phrase? You have to see it for yourself!

Proceed with CAUTION!!! Craigslist Proceed with CAUTION!!! 

PornHub stats! Lots of me too moments when it comes to porn stories and data around searches from all over the world.

Shoutout to Playboy for changing music history! And Hair for being a life changing play. 


The Uptown Sound on YouTube   (Vevo and personal) The Uptown Sound, The Uptown Sound Vevo, JC Brooks Band



JC Brooks Band, Based out of Chicago

JC Brooks – Bandleader; Vocals

Alec Lehrman – Guitar

Theodore Berry IV – Bass

Jeremy Tromburg – Keyboards

Kevin Marks – Drums

JoVia Armstrong – Percussion

Our fantastic subject admitted that he gets nauseous from time to time! Make sure to send all feel good gifts for him and his band to Novo Management!

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