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Let's Be Real Sportscast Episode 2: "Why you always lying!?!"


Let's Be Real Sportscast Episode 2: "Why you always lying!?!"

The NFL season is now a quarter done. Their's still plenty to talk about, but with the calendar shifting from September to October, we eagerly wait for the start of the NBA season. Some of our favorite players are hoping for a successful run at the Larry O'Brien trophy. While others are more concerned about their future contracts, and what their value will be on the open market. Others, are either delusional about what their team can achieve this upcoming season, or calling out reporters. This NBA season certainly should be an entertaining one.

Show Notes


Mike Vick is no longer the incomparable one. Has pedestrian numbers with his first start for Pittsburgh.


D.Rose injured again. This time with an Orbital Fracture. Sensitive to light, could miss up to six weeks.

Kevin Durant calling out Stephen A. Smith on rumors. No OKC?

Cleveland has removed images of Tristan Thompson from the arena and their website. Has yet to close the gap with an offer that works for both sides.

Carmelo optimistic about Knicks situation this season or delusional? Everyone should try to compete, but BRUH!?!