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Let's Be Real Sportscast Episode 4: LBR @ The Bar

Let's Be Real Sportscast Episode 4: LBR @ The Bar

On this episode of Let's Be Real, we decided to visit our local watering hole and do a drink-filled episode. We're here at The Rogue & Canon bar having a few drinks; discussing topics like we usually do. This episode was full of debates. Popular topics like, "Is Steph Curry better than LeBron?" We also discussed which undefeated team would make it furthest in the playoff. Carolina or New England? Cincinnati recently was in the conversation but lost to the Texans. Andy "Fire" Dalton had some choice words for Texans' J.J. Watt. We also got to sit in with Q-Dawg from Constant Sports & Sneaks. We decided we needed an unbias view for Big Sherm and my madness and he did his best to quell the storm. 


Did Phil get it right on Kristaps Porzingis? (

Has Stephen Curry truly surpass LeBron James as the best player in the league? (



Which undefeated team will remain that way? Pats or Carolina? (

Andy Dalton on J.J. Watt's 'Red Ryder BB Gun' comment. Regrets his response. (


The real reason Ronda "Rowdy" Rousey lost. Holly Holm was a problem, and we ain't even know it. (