Hey, guys welcome to another episode of Let’s Be Real. On today’s show, we’re discussing “ShoeGate” with Zion Williamson. What could his injury mean for Nike going forward? How soon will he return to the floor, or will he at all? As well the NBA All-Star break has concluded and we take a look at some storylines that will be developing during the 2nd part of the season, well into the playoffs. Also, we discuss the WWE 2019 Hall of Fame roster. We know DX will be inducted, but who else will join them in this years’ class?

Show Notes

No discussion on shutting down Zion for season after “ShoeGate” (https://es.pn/2GWjLWq)

7 legends who deserves to join DX in this years’ Hall of Fame (https://bit.ly/2U4SGUL)