Hey guys, so the big game has passed. One of the most anticipated times of the year for sports came and went. It was a bit underwhelming. Patriots win another Super Bowl and further cements Brady’s, Belichick’s and the teams’ legacy. Ok now for the good stuff. On this episode we’ll be talking about NBA All-Star Weekend 2019. We’ll be looking at the squads of LeBron and Giannis, and also take a look at the participants for the 3-Point, Dunk, and Skills contest, and give our predictions who will win. So check us out, on another episode of Let’s Be Real!!!

Show Notes

Super Bowl lowest ratings since 2009 (https://bit.ly/2SBiVER)

List of 2019 NBA Free Agents (https://bit.ly/2Rkpzew)

Winners & Losers of trade deadline (https://bit.ly/2E3Nz1q)