On this episode of Let’s Be Real we take a look back at LeBron James’ career: With everything that’s happening wrong for the Lakers, this season is he at fault? We take a look at the road map that LeBron took to get to Los Angeles. Recently passing Jordan in points, LeBron has further cemented his legacy, but is he the GOAT? Is he better than MJ? We take a look at the numbers and delve into them to see who truly is the GOAT. All on another episode of Let’s Be Real!!!

Show Notes

Skip Bayless says, LeBron is no Michael. (https://bit.ly/2J3aJJX)

Comparing LeBron and Jordan (https://bit.ly/2F2TB33)

LeBron vs. Jordan debate (https://on.nba.com/2SRskE9)

Nos. for LeBron vs. Jordan debate (https://bit.ly/2BqgHOO)