The NBA season has arrived in full force. There's a lot of hopes and dreams for each franchise. Some franchises are trying to build on from last season success. Others know that their window of opportunity is closing. It's exciting, because for each player, there's a story. Whether you're one of the young guns who just signed a new contract to be a pivotal part of your team, or you're one of the savvy veterans in the prime of their careers trying to elevate their club to the Larry O' Brien trophy. It's a season that starts anew, that will be exhilarating. All superstars are back in the mix, and the old war dogs are still around to give it one last shot and etch their name in the history books before the sun finally sets. This people is the NBA, and it's about to go down!!!! 


Show Notes


2015-2016 NBA season MVP. Who will it be? 5 guys who are probably on everyone's list, or will it be someone new!?!     

This year's rookie class could be one of the best draft classes in a while. Who do you believe will win? Top candidates are D.Russ, K-Towns and J. Okafor. But guys like Stanley Johnson, Winston, and Knicks sensation Kristaps Porzingis are certainly in the running.     

Defense wins championship so which player is gonna step up for their club? Who are the experts picking?

Playoff pretenders and contenders. What teams will shape up the "Sweet 16" once April comes around?