Jaunty and tipsy, we dive into the latest #HistoricalNightcap where we awkwardly announce our Patreon and celebrate Anne finally getting “near queer”, but more importantly, the revelation that Ann Walker’s divine thirstiness had Anne so shook, she thought the gal “man keen”. In this adjunct installment of #GentlemanJackCrack, during the first half we add in a new segment: ‘Script Breakdowns with Sally’ where we go over important notes & deleted scenes found in the posted episode scripts.

In the second half it’s all diary entries, with talk of Anne’s ridiculous contradictions, her constant incurring of crosses, and of course grubbling. Join us with a beverage of your choosing, as we take a deeper look into the extraordinary life of Anne Lister and her courtship of the lovely Ann Walker. Also, we have a Patreon now! Please see below for relevant chapter marks + links, and follow us on all the things for daily talk of grubbling. @gentlemanjackcrack @gentlemancrack

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Ann Walker’s Back Medical Links:

Drugs that relieve nerve pain - http://bit.ly/2MJBMuN

Low back pain and sciatica related with the premenstrual period in patients with lumbar disc herniation. http://bit.ly/2MKrTNm

Spine Injuries from Horseback Riding. - http://bit.ly/2MMJYKK

Chapter Marks:

0:23 - Intro + Flamecon 2019 Wrap Up!

9:07 - Our awkward Patreon Announcement

21:17 - Mariana Lawton Fantasy Series

29:32 - The Patron Saint of Thirst Praye

31:13 - Ann Walker's Back: Medical Insight from a Listener

41:07 - NEW SEGMENT: Sally's script notes & insights for 103!

44:16 - First Kiss in the Chaumiere

46:04 - Notes for "Stay all Night"

47:23 - 1st deleted 4th wall break

48:28 - “Whilst you're staying here" notes

50:16 - 19 y/o gambling Anne Lister among "bad women"

1:01:51 - 2nd deleted 4th wall break

1:04:37 - “Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink..Grubble, Grubble”

1:06:57 - The Dinner Date: Insights on gay stress

1:08:46 - Anne Lister military fantasies

1:16:23 - Miss Walker's thick knitted drawers

1:18:15 - “Let nature guide you.." BITCH!!!

1:19:45 - Anne Lister Medical Fact of the Week

1:20:02 - Deleted scene about Eugenie's Het Engagement

1:21:35 - Eliza on her bullshit: Notes on Mrs. Priestly

1:25:20 - “SHALL WE GO UPSTAIRS?!"

1:29:39 - DIARY ENTRIES SEGMENT - A Shared Orgasm

1:32:57 - Birthday Grubbles; September is blessed

1:35:29 - The exchanging of gifts & books a.k.a Georgian flirting

1:37:49 - “Shoot a bitch in my name"

1:41:11 - Anne Lister's change in eating habits

1:43:43 - 2 Relatives make an unexpected social call

1:45:05 - Miss Walker enchanted by the Chaumiere

1:48:06 - Ann Walker's problem with the Priestley’s

1:49:27 - In love in the Chaumiere

1:52:58 - “Quite well enough for comfort" a breakdown

1:56:08 - Thirsty Ann makes a visit for grubbles

1:57:41 - Anne gets petty as she muses on Mariana

2:04:12 - The discussion on marriage

2:09:39 - Crow Nest vs Shibden for matrimony

2:11:21 - Ann Walker's panic at the grubble disco

2:13:53 - Anne Lister's idea of a romantic marraige

2:17:15 - Anne mistake gay thirst for "man keen"

2:26:04 - The Haters of Halifax

2:32:10 - Anne's chase for money & status

2:34:37 - Thirsty Ann reads "dirty" poems

2:37:07 - Anne thinks Catherine & Ann be fucking LOL

2:42:37 - A jealous "busy body"

2:45:47 - Middle fingers, love declarations & gay confusion

2:51:30 - Grubbles in a gig/high flyer??

2:53:42 - Looking for the most discreet indiscreet grubble locations!