Hi friends! Be forewarned we get a little turnt this episode thanks to honey whiskey and apple brandy, but we’re thinking this will be a running theme. In this second #HistoricalNightcap installment of #GentlemanJackCrack, we talk grubbling, grubbling, and then grumbling some more. Oh to toil with the petticoats! And toil she did.. Anne Lister that is, and we deep dive into a few of our favorite entries about her gay adventures with Mrs. Barlow, while also taking a look at what is known of the Lister family, her DIY moss house ambitions, and Anne and Ann’s first day date which leads to an incurred cross! Join us with a beverage of your choosing, as we take a deeper look into the extraordinary life of Anne Lister. Please see below for relevant chapter marks, and follow us on all the things for daily talk of grubbling. @gentlemanjackcrack @gentlemancrack

Chapter Marks:

0:18 - Dranks! Let's get into it

3:29 - So that happened.. a queer vortex


13:04 - Deep in the Lister Code Matrix

14:59 - The Anne Lister DeCode Collective

17:40 - Lets Talk About Grubbling

19:20 - Mrs. Barlow and The Toiling of the Petticaots

21:44 - Petticoat Pulsations: a scientific stuy

25:24 - 1 grubble, 2 grubble, 3 grubble, 4

26:33 - A very sprung Mrs. Barlow

30:34 - Vintage thirsty Anne & pretty Miss Browne

33:30 - 19th Century Wall Sex, the preamble

38:17 - The Patriarchy in an odd freak

39:46 - Oh Miss Lister! What a gay

41:43 - Lesbian sex: A scandal invented by the men

45:37 - Aunt Anne Lister & Family + The irony of marraige

49:00 - The early juanty years at school

52:51 - Mrs. Taylor, the "Miss Honey" of the 19th Century

54:29 - Queer Anime Tangent

58:00 - Georgian L Word: Isabella, Anne & Mariana

1:04:25 - The Rise of Zaddy Lister

1:09:24 - The Paperknife

1:11:06 - Sweaty, Dirty, Anne Lister

1:14:32 - The Chumiere

1:15:42 - Mr. Hinscliff plays himself in real life

1:19:42 - Talking with Mrs. Prisestly about the exes

1:23:17 - The First Showing a.k.a. Day Date in a Bugati

1:27:45 - Incurring the first cross about Miss Walker

1:30:35 - Slumbering queerness, what can be known?

1:32:52 - Referencing Natashaa Holmes book

1:36:43 - Protect the reputation, not the petticoats

1:37:45 - Crafting a Chumiere & planning for a wife

1:40:36 - Captain Lister spot on portrayal

1:42:06 - A New Start for Miss L obsessing and crfossesister

1:45:59 - A letter from Miss Walker of House Parched

1:47:57 - A letter from Mariana and the real Eugenie

1:50:57 - We must keep the code alive!

1:51:41 - Final Thoughts

1:53:43 - Flamecon 2019 Annoucement

1:55:36 - Oops it's.. John Booth?

1:56:13 - A juanty toast to

close it out!