We’re halfway through the season guys! Can you believe it? In this midway point episode from #GentlemanJackCrack we discuss the sapphic angst beginning to surface between our ladies and interrupt their peaceful grubbles. Ann Walker’s sleeves are the largest they’ve ever been, Anne gets dirty with the men again, and our Patron Saint of Thirst gets another letter. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY LETTERS?? We also get a cameo from Mariana Lawton and her brother (spoiler: it’s PETTY) in this recap of Gentleman Jack episode 4 “Most Women are Dull and Stupid”.

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Time Stamp

0:35 - Intro

2:42 - Terrance is upset

8:59 - Mrs. Priestley is vexed

15:14 - Grubbles in York

23:10 - “Have you written Mariana"

26:23 - Anne Walker + color theory + the biggest sleeves EVER

32:47 - Thomas is stressed tf out

34:23 - From the Gruber to Aunt Anne's

41:52 - Marian is back at Shibden

44:27 - Sad Eugenie & Elizabeth's backstory

46:03 - Brooding Thomas tells a tall tale

49:34 - Ann Walker is a beautiful mess

54:14 - Awkwardness at the Priestley's

57:54 - Anne jaunts back to Shibden to get shit done

59:39 - Jeremiah back on his bullshit & more maths from Anne

1:05:05 - Anne & Marian half jaunt into town

1:10:46 - Anne jaunts to the pit to get dirty

1:15:05 - Deleted Scene: Anne's still dirty & Marian's mad

1:17:48 - Anne talks to Mr. Parkhill about business

1:21:03 - Lister biceps + bath notes

1:22:55 - Panic at Crow Nest

1:30:28 - Moody post grubbles & the fraught morning after

1:39:55 - Heartbreak at Shibden

1:43:19 - Elderly Mrs. Rawson is THE BEST Rawson

1:48:42 - Anne distracts herself with mans work & conversatio

1:54:19 - A Very Het Meeting at the Sowden Farm

1:58:26 - Its decision day.. and there are fruits

2:05:02 - 1st Fight Blues & a "grubby little wretch"

2:16:01 - Closing out with misandry

2:22:13 - Predictions for episode 5

2:24:47 - Fight Fact of the Week

2:25:31 - T-shirt giveaway announcement! We got a winner!