WE’RE FINALLY HERE YOU GUYS! It’s the debut of the Chaumiere and Anne finally gets through those damn petticoats! Praises be to our Patron Saint of Thirst Anne Walker, whose courage leads to life changing grubbles and a declaration of love. During this episode of #GentlemanJackCrack we spend another 3 hours basking in the afterglow of #AnneandAnn taking the next step in their relationship. More Rawsons visit, Marian gets caught up in her feels, and Mrs. Priestly spends to much time minding other people’s business. It’s another brilliant episode from Sally Wainwright and crew, join us for more rabid gay screaming during this recap of Gentleman Jack episode 3 “Oh is That What You Call It”.

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Chapter Marks:

0:18 - Intro - I can hear the bells!

2:34 - Anne of House Thirst, Thank you!

3:51 - So there are other hidden clips out there?

7:15 - A drone flew around Shibden Hall!

8:45 - “Unlikeable Female Protagonists”…

14:21 - Mrs. Stanfield Rawson & Delia Rawson for Miss Walker

24:29 - Wild Horses Tangent: a peak into our randomness

26:45 - A Very Het Engagement

28:54 - The Chaumiere!!!! A First Look

35:58 - The Anne Lister Medical Fact of the Week

54:08 - Marian as the messenger who gets shot

55:22 - Back at Crow Nest on The Best Day Ever!

59:35 - Home to Shibden and its dark out now

1:03:34 - Anne tells Auntie about her magical day

1:06:46 - John's tragic backstory

1:08:04 - Breakfast, Marian’s petty, and Anne's Exes

1:09:59 - Gambling Anne in the company of bad women

1:13:34 - Sowden fucks up for the last time

1:16:48 - Gossiping Captain Lister

1:30:46 - Marian wants to date a carpet man

1:33:10 - Anne reads the poisonous letter

1:40:58 - Sherlock Anne, back on the case

1:41:47 - Christopher Rawson.. please do less

1:44:05 - Anne Lister burns the letter

1:46:45 - Give Thomas’ little sister an Emmy please

1:49:32 -Jeremiah's Letter and another deleted scene

1:51:30 - Anne gossips with Auntie before her date

1:55:31 - A Gay Dinner Date

2:00:50 - Tea Time after Dark

2:06:56 - John bungles the pick up


2:12:55 - Thirsty Ann has a gay panic

2:16:45 - A jaunty walk back to Shibden with John

2:19:11 - a Pig amongst the Pigs

2:21:23 - Auntie & Anne discuss John Abott

2:23:35 - The Busy Body of Halifax

2:25:11 - Thomas tries to appeal to Anne Lister

2:26:59 - A Sad baby gay and a peak into anxiety

2:35:57 - Panic at the Sowden Farm

2:40:36 - Mrs. Priestly jaunts to the service entrance

2:42:32 - A Steamy Makeout at Crow Nest

2:43:49 - Anne makes it through those damn petticoats!

2:46:11 - Conflicting soundtracks for a love scene

2:49:11 - “What the hell is going, between the sheets in my home??”

2:52:49 - Lady Walker of House Parched, First of Her name, Legend of Crow Nest


2:58:05 - That smile.. We love the attention to detail!

3:02:03 - Holding hands like teenagers in love

3:02:58 - Final Thoughts

3:06:43 - It's after dawn.. the end. Thank you for listening!!

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