On this episode we chat about our favorite love relationships in fandom, how to pick a bubbly wine, and what might come after the revolution (aka how to get yo money right when money doesn’t exist anymore).

AND we hear from listeners and past guests who share their practical, visionary, and heartfelt thoughts on economics, capitalism, and blackanomics (or something like that).

Show Notes

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  • La Peña de España 2015


  • Intro: Sage by Be Steadwell

  • Additional Music

    • Hands by Boomscat

    • Satisfied from the Hamilton Broadway Soundtrack

    • All other interstitial music by Abel Shiffera

  • Outro: Hey by Boomscat

The Team

  • Hosted by Isake Smith and Kirya Traber

  • Produced by Isake Smith, Kirya Traber

  • Engineered by Lance John

  • Edited by Jassel Hernandez