Sometimes I get overwhelmed when I think about how hard it is to run GSN: Find outlets for our shows, seek out sponsors, keep up with podcast equipment and software, pay for EVERYTHING out of pocket, forge connections, run social media accounts, convince doubters to make moves, find talent, etc. etc. etc.

When all the pressure comes to a head I get a reminder that I… really WE at GSN are not alone. The NYC podcast community is STRONG! and supportive. Case in point: The AMAZING entity that is Tea with Queen and J. (I never even HEARD of “Race Nerd” before y’all!)


Tea with Queen and J is a NYC-based talk show podcast with hosts/creators Queen and J. Both personalities are doing amazing things on their own but when their powers combine dangerously cause side splitting hilarity, powerful inspiration, and the spreading of hard hitting and head hurting truth.

GSN founders and some of the network’s podcast hosts (HEEEY Bantucentric, Well Well Villanelle, and Cheers & Queers!) had a GRAND ol’ time at Von on Bleeker Street for the third annual Pod In Live Meetup the dynamic duo throws for all us Black and Brown podcasters/networks/lovers.

From the BOTTOM of my heart, and I know my team feels the same, thank you so very much Queen! Thank you J!

Meke, GSN