Pondering Nerds Lance, Meke, and Alyssa took to Manhattan to check out the Big Apple Convention, the LONGEST RUNNING comics convention in NYC. It was three floors of tables, panels, and cosplay action. The event was packed for most of the day. PN Meke sat down soon after they finished their first round of the event. "I thought I could hang but I wanted to take a nap 5 minutes after I set foot in there."

Cosplayers galore! Cosplayers from far and wide and at all levels of costume making/wearing/unraveling represented. The looks on people's faces must be one of the payoffs of cosplay; So much joy and attention getting was displayed. There was a well lit hallway area that was an ideal space for cosplayers to get their time to shine. And boy they did! Sooo much booty...

The staff was so nice! We weren't sure if the staff was affiliated with the hotel next door, but of they were, well their niceness is even MORE surprising! You see, hotel staffers are always to be received with a grain of salt. They've seen things, folks. You don't want to mess with them because they can find out what room your stash of porn or nose hair trimmers are in and share it with their coworkers with glee. But these folks, so sweet. We tip our hat off to them. They answered our questions and quickly helped anyone in need.

The usual Marvel/DC suspects were in full swing. Marvel and DC everything. If you're a person who craves diversity in subject, art style, character, storyline, you have to dig. But you don't have to dig too deep depending on the artists you stop in front of. Pretty much every artist you'll ever meet, well, anywhere, will have an unappreciated body of work that is on the fringes of societal acceptance. PN Alyssa shares an interesting example: "Many artists back in the day worked on Tijuana Bibles, artists that eventually worked for big cartoon companies like Disney, and on well known comic books that are still around today".

Let's take a moment to think about the other big comic-related event in NYC: New York Comic Convention. If you think about it, at NYCC you can find safety in anonymity. It's so easy to get lost, to not be noticed. At Big Apple Con it was more informal, more intimate. As an attendee you can breathe, and you don't have the overwhelming urge to kill the critters running around you. In fact, the cute kids may (almost) make you want to procreate.

Note to readers: Read the comic "Transmetropolitan". It's a super cool comic about city life fucking with the best of us. Rodney Ramos sends you his love as he hurries back to his work and ignores you as you walk away. 

Later as the Con wound down the artists began to mingle with each other. More in depth conversations started to take place, and as we continued to walk around we were amused in observing artists like Jim Steranko wisecracking with James O'barr (who PN Meke had a senior moment in front of when she froze and laughed embarrassingly because she didn't know The Crow was a comic first. Oh Meke!) Todd Matthy took a break to peruse the graphic novel The Devil is Due in Dreary and Daryl Freimark comes over to say "What's up?" Lori Petty and Karyn Parsons walked and chatted around the Hotel Pennsylvania. Author and publisher Steven Roman kept us Nerds company as we pondered over the lameness of his experience at the Brooklyn Book Festival last year, and the preference for the interesting genre name "Dark Fantasy" over horror. *Le shrug* And the whole time, the whole way through, pretty much the whole DAY, Jason David Frank embraced his fans as if he just got there. He showed no dip in interest or energy. He is super positive and humble.  Warms this empty bucket of a heart of mine.

Cosplay characters spotted:

  • Scorpion
  • Deadpool
  • Bioshockers
  • Deadpool
  • A gnome and a tea kettled weirdo
  • Deadpool
  • Poison Ivy
  • New York Jedis (What a big lightsaber you have!)
  • Baby deadpool
  • Spiderpig...


It was Lance and Meke's first time at the Con and Alyssa's been to it in the past. Overall it was a great experience and it won't be the last time we come!

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