Floyd Money Mayweatther will be facing Andre Burto for the unified welterweight title this Saturday Night. Although this is supposed to be the "last fight" in the career of the formerly named "pretty boy Floyd" I look at this fight as a joke, After the fraudulent fight of the century where it looked like Floyd was ready to challenge Usain Bolt to a race the way he was running around in the ring against Manny Pacquiao it was horrid at best and Pacquiao look like he was searching for clues on how to touch Floyd, then that BS excuse that Manny's shoulder was hurt........ Cry me a damn river your ass shouldn't have stepped into the ring that night Manny!!! 

Now there are many fans of money Mayweatther whom I've encountered just sees the star quality of it, they know no real boxing and its sad cause if you really look at Floyd's Career it's full of names that we know. But in boxing I believe where were they in their prime of their careers, Which I say no which to me says he basically pulling off what Rocky Marciano the man who's records Floyd is trying to tie on Saturday night and just as they said about Marciano, Floyd is capitalizing opponents that have no business in there with him including: Robert the Ghost Guerrero, 2 fights with Marcos Maidana which made no sense to me at all. And old and decrepit Oscar Del la Hoya and sugar Shane Mostly who, though using foam sticks during training would help him win that fight. 

I would like to see Floyd fight some of the young talent make me believe you Floyd. I know my word to him won't mean much and I'll not knock this man for making his paper you do what you do, he cannot though sit there and say sports wise, he's the best ever cause these are hand picks hands he and team come up who I call the yes men in his camp.  I would like to see Floyd fight Keith "One time" Thurman he's undefeated to with more of a skill set that could give Floyd problems or Danny Garcia, you know why he won't fight them?!! Cause as many Floyd supporters say they just want a payday!!! What!!!!! What Floyd thinks this is about, everybody trying to make Money and have fame that's why you got into the sport! So deserving guys like Thurman and Garcia, who have that skill can't get a chance, but Andre Burton gets one and he's 3-3 in his last 6 fights what!!!!!!!! 

Floyd listen man if you don't want to fight the best and you're worried about the undefeated mark or help people get money just retire get out the boxing game you made your money for you and your family just go and let the real fighters fight.

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