So Chip Kelly you thought you could simply come into the NFL and do whatever you want and have success as a dictator type in the league!! Oh yeah, now look at you, your team is 0-2 with the worst looking offense in the NFL. You let DeSean Jackson go one of the best deep threats in the league, go, for what really? Then trade Leshawn McCoy one of the best shifty back in the conference?!!! Cause he wasn't starting to fall in line with what you were doing! This is not college you just can't let talent go cause you want to throw your weight around whenever you want. These are grown men here, they build the league not you. 

In college yes, you have all right, but this is the pros now, money and talent is what keeps you having a job, Ask Steve Spurrier cause he thought he could come in and do whatever he wanted to as well. You know where he is now?, South Carolina university and that's where he belongs. 

Now the first season you made it to the playoffs and that was great, but then of course you got to big for yourself and now people are looking at you like you are serious! He dismantled the Eagles to this point and it looks bleak right now. Maybe chip can turn it round, but let's be real.......... Sam Bradford is going to help you get out of this! I mean Chip you got Demarco Murry he's a stud, but he only had 11yds on 21 carries! And your Offensive line is horrid at best cause you didn't or the higher up's for Eagles didn't want to give Evan Mathis his well earned money either same you chip and the Eagles and now you're reaping what you sowed all this time doing wrong to these players in my mind. Maybe again Chip you can turn it around, it's still early, I see it in your eyes though Chip you're ready to go right back to college where you belong and hopefully never to return to the NFL ever again, Thanks for playing I want to be a NFL coach.