The Golden State Warriors after winning in Brooklyn are now 23-0, What we are seeing can't be described, It's sounds very dramatic yea but you got ask yourself: when was the last time you seen basketball played at the level we are watching this time. So smooth so effortless this what basketball is supposed to look like. Now we know Mark Jackson got a raw deal in Golden State with management and it's the reason we are not talking about Mark Jackson as a NBA championship winning coach at this time. Say what you will about that. What Steve Kerr has brought to the Warriors is a championship attitude that has spread like wildfire though out that whole organization and now what we see now is a team that can't be stopped to this point.


Now I mentioned Steve Kerr and even though he is not there at this time due to back surgery he is not there but like I said before his imprint is all over the team. There cool, they have this vibe as if y'all kno you can't beat us right!?  Then they go out and back up what there going to do thru there vibe. The system the Warriors run is not of Phill Jackson triangle offense which Kerr as a player won 3 straight titles with the Bulls from 96-98 and was part of which is as of right now the greatest basketball in the modern era of the NBA. The system I see is of the San Antonio Spurs in which Kerr won another titles. The ball movement the the iq and the best part about it is there playing small ball doing all this. The traditional big man is almost gone now if not by next will all but extinct unless Tim Duncan "THE GREATEST POWER FORWARD IN NBA" decides to come back for one more year. Now all I want to see is the first matchup between the Spurs and Warriors but we can't see that throw down till January. To me that will be the test to see where there at, I know this much is for sure, There not going to lose by 50 like Memphis did back at the start of the season!


You know your good when peers start making excuses on why you won and what not. Like Doc Rivers coach of the L.A Clippers and I'm going toparaphrasing "they basically got lucky with injuries and not playing the tougher teams in the playoffs last year.

I see this and say to myself, 1. Why the hell would you want adversity on you way to a championship I mean this not the NFL cause a tough game will toughen you up for the playoffs just in case you get into a tough game. Why the hell would you want tough games all the time? By the time you get to postseason your done no legs and your gone early. 2. 30 teams 82 games to position yourself for the easiest path to a championship that's what the NBA says you got to play and the top 16 8 in each conference gets in. Then you play 4 best of 7 games and if you are able to win 16 games you win the Larry O'brian trophy. I wonder if Doc knows this?! He should he won with the Celtics in 08. Maybe if you can get Blake to play like on of the best power forward in the league today maybe you could have played them in the conference finals but you didn't cause you blew a 3-1 lead in the conference semi's, forgot about that?! 3. I had to make this separate, Tell DeAndre Jordan to call Shaq, learn how to make some of your free throws. There free99 nobody is guarding you! Learn some post moves please. There paying you 88 million to be somebody great not do what you was doing all the years before you got your deal.


Now back to Greatness and the Floor General leading the Warriors to this epic feat how can you deny him any more. Chef Curry is cooking in the kitchen and right now averaging 31.6 ppg.  5.2 reb and 6.0 assists on 51% shooting from the field 44% from 3-pt range 94% for the line. You say he plays no defense well averaging 2.5 steals a game and is a way better defender than when he first got into the league. Now the numbers are crazy but he's doing it on averaging only 34 min a game! He's almost scoring a point a minute! Are you not entertained!! Now my co-host when he reads this will probably call me every name in the book cause it's not Kobe, well I would say to him. If feel like writing about Jordan 2.0 then be my guest but right now the chef is in the kitchen. PS: yea Joe I know Kobe had 34pts ok great! 


Now the Warriors are not all about the Cheif he also has Clay Thompson great shooter in his own right good all around player. Then There's Andre Igulodala who last year put on a great performance against the King James in the NBA finals, I'm happy for Iggy he's s great defender and jack of all trades with his passing, shooting, off ball play its amazing how his career has come full circle. Draymond Green the key to the small ball movement in the Warriors system, green can play SF-C is also a great passer good defender and is tough he doesn't back down anything.


The question is now where does this stop? They've set the modern day record for most wins to start a season in the 4 professional sports passing the  1884 St.Louis Maroons who were 20-0 to start there season . The maroons first lost came to the Boston Unions 8-1, of course back then there was no box score I guess! So who is playing the role of the Boston Unions? It might be the Boston Celtics young enough to run with the Warriors but highly unlikely but you never kno if they can ending this legendary streak. If this streak does end or whenever it ends  there is nothing to be ashamed about losing the feat and the historical importance in sports is far greater and this is what makes this team Golden.