The NBA season is set to start next week and I'm very excited for this season in particularly cause the new faces of the league are starting to take shape some teams are gearing for a Championship run. Teams like the San Antonio Spurs, The Cleveland Cavaliers, the Oklahoma City Thunder and, of course, the reigning champions Golden State Warriors, now this team we know have the best shot to win a championship this year. Some teams though are saying they want to win a championship, but the parts don't look right at all. 


Now the reason I'm writing this is to show Knicks fans it will not be in cards for them this season or seasons to come because of the history of the New York Knicks and it's not been a good one beside the fact back in 1970 in game 7 of the NBA Finals hall of fame player Willis Reed iconic run out the tunnel at MSG(Madison Square Garden) the world most famous arena witness true heart and grit when Reed suited up with torn thigh muscle scored the first 2 baskets of the game and propelled the Knicks to their first world championship vs the L.A Lakers. The second came in 73 when Knicks beat the L.A Lakers again in 5 short games 4-1 since that time the Knicks have been killing their fans with heartbreaking losses in the playoffs and finals and I'm going to help navigate you through blunders in this 2 part piece. 

We first Start in 1993 game 5 of the Eastern conference finals vs at the time the defending 2-time champion Chicago Bulls and his Airness. Now the Knicks are down by one with the ball and 30 seconds left to go in the game. Ewing drives to his left trying to draw a charge and he ends up losing the ball and it fall right in the lap of Charles Smith(God bless his heart) and he goes up for the shot blocked, he gets it back again blocked, and again and again now some will cry foul but in those moments you know nothing is going to get called under that time at most points. I'm saying pass the ball out Charles it's ok to get rest! Well, they lose the game and the series in 6 lol lol. 

The next year 1994 and the best chance to win a championship put Patrick Ewing against Hakeem "the dream" Olajuwon in the best of 7 NBA finals which were a gritty series. This Also was the introduction to how crazy O.J Simpson was in that famous chase during game 5. Now we go to game 7 the stage is set for a classic matchup of two of the great big men at that time and who shows up and thinks he's Jordan..... John (bleeping) Starks haaaaaaaa!!!!! The man shot 2-18 and 0-10 in the fourth quarter. As I look back now I really do feel Starks was trying to build a trump plaza in Houston with all the bricks he was jacking up. Outside the grown-ups were pissed I could hear every cheer and every moan and somebody said don't shoot Starks at one point. Needless to say, the Knicks lost to the Rockets. When my some of my family came upstairs I could hear a friend of our cursing Starks bad, we were laughing but knew not to do it in front of them it was funny to me. 

Then 1995 game 1 of the conference semifinals the Knicks vs the Indiana Pacers down by 6 with 18 seconds to go 8 points in 9 seconds is all Reggie Miller needed. He hits a 3 to make it 102 to 105, then out of nowhere Miller steals the ball and hits another 3 to tie the game it's like unreal the crowd was silent and that's when I learned spike lee was a fan of the Knicks that made it funnier to me cause he was the one egging Reggie on (shaking my head) than they foul Reggie he hits 2 more free throws and the pacers stole the victory and the Knicks was known as choke artist but it didn't stop there either. 

Game 7 of the eastern conference semifinals the Knicks down by 2 with seconds left on the clock Derrick Harper inbounded the ball to Patrick Ewing And when he go the ball the basket was wide open no one was in sight. Now as this is happening my sister and her boyfriend which is now her husband watched this game and it was intense and right before the layup he was happy he thought over time was coming and the Knicks still had a shot at your boy although he was injured they say still had an open path to the basket. This man of all things tries a finger roll!!!!!! This man must have thought he was "Iceman" George  Gervin! The play looked nice but just like all the other times they fail or in this series in particular choked. At this point, me and sister's husband usual played live 95 after, I paused and I ask you wanna play he said no I'm good. It hit him that bad. 

Now there is a part 2 and from there we will go from Ewing to Melo cause the other years I don't know what in the high hell was going on there. At one point, I felt sorry for the Knicks we will get there to that point.