Don't let their simple name fool you. They can't be locked down by musical genre, artistic medium, or region. Heck I suspect that they emerged from outer space! They transcend my limited understanding of Kenyan music and musicians and I LOVE being knocked down from my ignorant high horse. I want more! JAB has jabbed me with the Kenyan scene and I am appreciative of coming across their work for sure.

An artist's collective, they are self-described nerds who use the latest media technologies to entertain and educate consumers worldwide primarily through their YouTube videos. Some comments on their videos describe their melodies and messages as deep and at least one fan would like to make love with it. Literally. I can relate. I love music. When I get that feelin', I need musical healin'. Yes I said it. What?!

Just A Band has been interviewed by major media outlets such as Reuters and The New York Times, and exhibited internationally with their Kudishnyao! exhibition in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut Nairobi, showing also at the Rush Arts Gallery in NYC.

Check out the Wikipedia page on them here

I hope for a number of things. I hope that they keep making music for decades to come, that their band receives the support they need and more to spread around, and that Kenya really treasures what role they play in the international arts and entertainment technology scene.