A picture of me can be found on the Black Tribbles Facebook page. I'm the small one with the red sweater all the way on the left. Make sure to say hi if you see me in some alternate universe.

Now for a small musing...

When I attended the Blackfinity Gauntlet back in 2016 I knew that the community I always yearned for was here: Smack dab in the middle of Philly, some falling star crashed and up from the earth came Alamgam Comics and Coffeehouse. In this coffeehouse were people of all hues of brown, all talking excitedly about creating and sharing and sharing about tech for creating and sharing and even creating tech around sharing... Creatively. I was home.

Look at the colors of the Universal FanCon logo design alone. Isn't it vibrant?! It's filled with many elements that are super different but together they just "pop". That's what Universal FanCon is in a nutshell. Fandom that's super diverse but all comes together in love for artistry, storytelling, and activism.

Honestly I'm so proud of the FanCon team. They've accomplished something special and I'm stoked to have witnessed it. Not to mention having GSN be an affiliate!