Our mission is to bring all that is nerd to the masses.


Creator, Co-Host / Lance John

Video Gamer Streamer / Meke Brown

I'm an air sign. I'm okay with this. I make it mean I am never boring; My interests are never limited. Being a nerd means I can fly to and fro, sailing with the winds.

Nerd culture is constantly evolving because it is part of our overall culture, and we at Pondering Nerds love to discuss aspects of our lives that reflect the commonalities of our experiences as nerds. We get that Nerdom is a fad... for some. But for others being smart or doing mentally challenging activities is not celebrated. It breaks my heart. 

I'm stoked that I get to argue, laugh with, and ponder hard with my fellow PNs about anything and everything we wanna talk about. 

Thanks for joining us and hearing what we have to say. But listening and reading's just a part of our kind of discourse. Let it happen from both sides. Write to us and let us know what you have to say.

Co-Host / Nate Rowe

What’s up guys, gals, and nerds… I’m Nate! Kind of a geek of all trades. I’m really into TV and movies, but my real area of Nerd Cred deals in video games. I love to try and stay current on all gaming news and such. My favorite types of games are JRPGs and FPSs, though I dabble into a lot of different titles. 

I definitely prefer playing co-op with my buddies as opposed to PvP or competitive stuff. I really like comic book lore, though I was never a big reader of them growing up; always down to learn new things about my favorite superheroes! Never been to big in anime, but I appreciate the art style for sure. I hope to learn a great deal on my journey here at Pondering Nerds!

Co-Host / Alyssa Spector

Alyssa is a Pondering Nerd and illustrator hailing from Staten Island, New York. When she's not busy drawing silly comics, she can be found getting her gaming on or catching an episode of Adventure Time.

A gamer since the age of 3, some of her favorite games include The Legend of Zelda series, the Ace Attorney series and anything that's considered artsy, quirky or just plain weird.

Alyssa is also passionate about anything and everything related to comic books and animation, is a self-proclaimed "Disney Dork", and has a profound love for red pandas.